Why does Gemini phone you?

“Who we are and why we call you?”

If you have any kind of query about who we are and why we are claiming a debt in the name of a third party, or about the procedure to settle the debt and your rights, at Gemini we want to help you and to be absolutely transparent. With this goal, we have provided this comprehensive help page with clear answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Who we are and why we call you?

You have had a phone call or a request for payment from Gemini because one of our customers has a due and unpaid amount in their account and they have entrusted us with managing the collection of the debt.

In the last few years, companies have increasingly outsourced the management of unpaid debts to firms specialising in managing credit and collection, such as Gemini.

We have therefore contacted you to solve this situation in a friendly manner for both parties as soon as possible. It is our duty to inform you that not resolving this situation properly could have negative consequences for you.

If you have any queries, we suggest that in order to resolve this matter as quickly as possible you contact us at the telephone number given in the letter you received.

When you contact us, please give the reference number that appears in the request for payment so that we can immediately provide you with whatever information you require.

How does Gemini obtain my data?

Your contact information is communicated to us by the company with which you have outstanding debt. These data only include the information corresponding to that account. The data is kept with complete confidentiality and only the professionals involved in the management of your case have access to it.

Once the management is closed, GEMINI returns the information to the company with which it maintained the debt and returns or deletes their personal data from their information systems, following instructions from the creditor company.

GEMINI acts as a mere service provider, being responsible for the processing of your personal data the company that has hired us to manage the collection of the aforementioned debt. Therefore, if you request in our form the exercise of any of the rights that the data protection regulations recognize, we will inform you about the contact details of this company, facilitating the management and also informing the holder of the credit about your request.

How do I know what the request for payment refers to?

The request for payment contains our details, as well as the business name of the company that asked us to manage the debt corresponding to you, its reference number and the amount due.

If you don’t recognise the name of the company, as it could be that you know it by its trade mark, we invite you to contact us, at the telephone number shown, in order to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

When you contact Gemini, please give the reference number of the request for payment so that we can immediately give you all the information that you need.

What happens if I ignore the call or the request for payment?

Ignoring the telephone call or the request for payment does not prevent or reduce the problem; on the contrary, it merely aggravates it and is the worst thing to do:

  • The amount you owe could increase, as each day that passes the interest or charges due to late payment can be increasing.
  • The company demanding payment of your debt may start legal proceedings to obtain payment.
  • Your subsequent ability to obtain credit or pay in instalments can be seriously affected and you may even cease to have this option.

It is a mistake to let the matter pass. The most appropriate action is to resolve the situation as soon as possible to prevent negative consequences.

If you are going through difficult financial times that prevent you from paying the debt in question or if you understand there has been an error, we at Gemini place ourselves at your disposal to try to resolve the situation. Please contact us as soon as you can and we will study your case on an individual basis.

When you contact Gemini, please give the reference number that appears in the request for payment you received. This is the quickest way to be able to provide you with all the information you ask us for and swiftly find a solution.

To rectify the situation, do I have to pay the amount owed?

We recommend that you do so as soon as possible so as to bring the situation to a satisfactory conclusion and prevent any interest or late payment charges from increasing.

In the request for payment you received, you will find all the information you need to make the payment through a bank or in a quicker, convenient and safe manner by credit or debit card through a fast and secure website.

It is especially important that when you make the payment that you quote the reference codes we have given you in our call or in the request for payment; in this way, your payment will be fully registered in our systems and we will cancel your debt immediately.

What happens when I make the payment to Gemini?

Once we receive the payment relating to your debt:

  • We verify the amount you have paid and check it against the up-to-date amount of your debt.
  • We immediately transfer the amount you have paid and if the amount is the total of the outstanding debt we close your file.
  • We immediately inform the company that you had the debt with.
  • If the payment you made is a partial payment and does not cover the full amount owed, we follow the policy set out by our customer company to continue to demand payment of the outstanding amount.

What happens if I only pay a part of the amount due?

Paying only part of the amount due can be a temporary solution but you must be aware that you are obliged to pay the total debt, and therefore:

  • You will continue to receive calls and requests for payment from Gemini until you have paid the debt in full.
  • The amount you owe could increase, as each day that passes the interest or charges due to late payment can be increasing.
  • For the rest of the outstanding debt, you must agree a payment plan. The option of agreeing a suitable payment plan will depend on the company that you have the debt with, and we will follow the instructions on this matter we receive from that company.

Please contact us to be able to agree a payment plan that is satisfactory for both parties; use either the telephone number shown in the request for payment you have received, or our contact page:Contact Us.