Mobile telephone operator: increase of 6 percentage points in its debt recovery ratio, in 6 months

“Effort and quality get results”

Point of departure

A mobile telephone operator outsources its early debt and default recovery service for the consumer, self-employed and SME segments, and commissions Gemini to manage a significant part of its portfolio in Spain.


Client and Gemini set the challenge of achieving a relevant increase in the recovery rate in the shortest possible time.

The Gemini solution

The strategy and methodology proposed by Gemini are based on:

  • Analysis and micro-segmentation of the portfolio.
  • Segmented and customised contract strategies.
  • Multichannel notification and monitoring plan.
  • Layout for result-oriented and customised contact.
  • Constant monitoring and fine-tuning to optimise timing, frequency, channel and messages.
  • Real-time scorecard to assess the status and progress of the service, as well as daily reporting to the customer.